• Anita Hashmi

2 weeks to go...

It's officially 2 weeks until the 2021 Manchester Met PGR Conference!

I am very lucky to be the Chair of the conference committee for this year, a position that has given me so much experience in such a variety of areas. The theme for the conference this year is: Diversity and Research in Critical Times: Power in Polyvocality. Abstract submissions closed what seems an age ago in December, and our PGR speakers have been confirmed, along with some inspiring keynote speakers and roundtable contributors from the wide world of academia! This general interest conference will showcase a range of academic disciplines and speakers from the UK and beyond.

Alongside this, we are extremely lucky to have paired with some amazing charity and business partners, and hope to extend their reach using our platform in line with the theme and the general ethos of the conference. Of course, the event will be completely online, which has been a bit of a challenge for us - not one of the previous 12 annual conferences has had to do this, so it's been all on us! This meant, though, that we had a unique chance to fulfil our goals of making the conference as accessible as possible, from investment in software that will accurately caption live talks to podcasts recorded and released by the committee in advance of the event and an alternative event schedule with a focus on charity workshops and wellness. My incredible team of colleagues on the committee has done an incredible job, and I know the conference will be a huge success.

The booking link can be found here, and the event brochure is live and being updated as new information and podcasts are released.

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